Enhance your app or service with a VPN feature. Easy.

Organizations of all sizes and industries use VPNWholesaler.com to create and maintain their own VPN functionality by using our powerful In-app SDKs.


Reach your full business potential by integrating a B2C VPN offering to your line of products

The VPN market is growing at a rate of 18.7% per year - and now you can benefit from it too. We handle the behind-the-scenes engineering so you can focus on marketing top-tier white label VPN apps and in-app SDKs to your user base.

Hear from our customers 🎉

Using the VPNWholesaler service, we could quickly go to market with a VPN app, investing almost nothing in development. With the availability of high-speed servers, fantastic uptime, and excellent customer service, VPNWholsaler is an absolute no-brainer solution.

As a media company we used to promote many well-known VPN brands as affiliates, but something didn't add up - even though we had great affiliation deals, we could not break-even! We then approached VPNWholesaler and they helped us to create our very own VPN product, which was a total game-changer.

Working with Isaac and the VPNWholesaler team has been nothing short of an amazing experience. These guys enabled us to start on a lean model and scale as we go. I have yet to meet such fair and to the point partners for my online businesses. Would wholeheartedly recommend them anytime!

State of the art VPN features


Military-Grade Encryption

Up to AES-256-GCM encryption with 4096-bit keys. Used by banks and military forces around the world.


Unblocking Capabilities

Forget about geo-fencing. With thousands of residential IP addresses, we can unblock any website.



Auto-login your users directly to the VPN app. No need for login credentials.


High Speed Servers

Blazing FAST servers. Don't take our word for it - just ask us to try one of our VPN apps.


DNS and IPv6 Leak Protection

Get 100% privacy from our in-house DNS servers and IPv6 concealing.


Kill Switch

Makes it impossible for your IP address to leak outside the VPN tunnel.


What makes VPNWholesaler better?

  • Fast Deployment

    The VPNGN platform was designed from the ground up to allow partners launch their VPN brand or integrate a VPN feature into their product offering in less than an hour.

  • Fanatic Level of Monitoring

    Routinely UDP, TCP and speed monitoring to ensure that we know about network issues well before your users do.

  • 100% Transparency

    Commitment to strict SLAs of 99.9% uptime in North America and Western Europe, and 99% uptime in all other locations.

300+ Servers in 50+ Countries


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